Our Services
  Our distinctive approach T. E . A . M .  
  Total Cultural Immersion  
    Our experts have the experience and cultural references necessary for your projects' success.
Upon request, we plunge our clients into the targeted environment to share our vision.
  Empathy & Effective Strategy  
    We listen to you and your target group. This approach leads to a winning strategy for both parties. The projects are conceived by a multisectoral team in order to consider every dimension.  
  Action - Capacity Building - Relay  
    Our actions give emulation. The field partners improve their performance which leads to effective and durable interactions.
Our experts train the targeted community and your staff to ensure the projects' persistence
  Management & Support  
    We consistently track our progress and results. We make adjustments whenever necessary and remain available whenever needed.  
Our services
  CSR Projects Management  
    Taking into account social, economical and ecological aspects, our team goes to the heart of markets for your feasibility study, real-estate search and production survey, to generate turnover, fulfill your information needs, complete your organization and timely contribute to your projects. We also offer customized work, clear and direct communication and real-time local execution.

Operating as a "task force," a transition team or long-term counselors, our experts attend to the creation and management of public and private companies
  Highlight Ethical Opportunities  
    We make socially responsible investment recommendations and develop relationships with industrial or commercial partners. Our experts have specific experience executing complex projects to maximize your investment's safety and profitability. We also offer business screening services.  
  Technical Assistance for small companies Creation and Development  
    We help micro-finances organisations by offering support to their clients for business start up and development.
Our experts advise on commercial development, finances, HR and general management.
We offer market scanning at both strategic and operational levels and make the implementation easier.
  Talent development - Empowerment  
    We help managers and entrepreneurs to bring out the best in themselves and their collaborators.
This practice speeds the growth of individual and collective skills and the emergence of potential, and prepares the environment for change.
  Assistance to international and local development organizations  
    We ensure good field implementation. Our intervention reduces administrative costs and budget losses due to lack of field knowledge.
We guarantee a good management of the projects and real-time information feedback. We operate for public health campaigns, sustainable development in urban and rural area. Our work leads job creation, a community changes and when possible, small enterprise start up.