Operating in sub-Saharan Africa, as a management consulting firm that provides expertise in social responsability , we assist local and international companies, organizations and communities to get the most out of their investments, their operations and their team.  

    With a deep knowledge of the African environment and its realities, we ensure excellence in projects' execution to simultaneously generate :

  • Profitability
  • Economic growth
  • Sustainable changes
  • People development
  Our Values  
    Our flexibility enables us to work for both private or public companies. We also work on companies creations or expansion. Our know-how is also appreciated by developmental and aid organisations.  
    We can quickly mobilize various strategic and complementary competencies to appropriately design, execute and follow up on your projects  
  Social Responsibility  
    We assist your company in being a socially responsible corporate citizen by reinforcing competencies to support the local economy development and to create individual and collective wealth.  
    Our actions are led by ethics, transparency and probity, which also serve as the bases for our clients' confidence in us.  
    All reports, process and information collected during the project remain confidential during and after that project.  
    We are result focus and our goal is meet our customer total satisfaction.  
  Working with us  
    You will find at Lécéo the tools and the team you need to lead your operations and to capture various opportunities on the African continent. Our team is composed of experienced people with solid references. We work with commitment and passion for a winning Africa.

We provide realistic solutions and convincing results
  Realistic Solutions  
    We are very pragmatic and our solutions are innovative, effective and relevant.  
  Convincing Results  
    We will optimises your investments, your operations and ensures your credibility.  
  LECEO means 'SEIZE YOUR DESTINY' in an African langage.